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Tata Motors to produce compressed air powered hybrid car

This isn' really new, but I've only just found out about it:

Compressed Air Cars
India's Tata Motors, which recently unveiled the world's cheapest car at R20 000, have partnered with french company Moteur Development International (MDI) to produce a car that runs on compressed air and releases no pollutants at low speeds.

The three-seater fibreglass OneCAT, which weighs just 350kg, is expected to be priced at about R40 000. The vehicle burns small amounts of fuel at higher speeds, and after filling up with compressed air for as little as R16, will travel 200 to 300 km.

The OneCAT is likely to be for sale in India within a year.

From African Energy News Review

For more info on compressed air cars, have a read here:

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