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Trevor Manuel is Jack Bauer

The news in SA reads more like the script from a Hollywood action series than our daily digest of current events. In today's episode, Trevor Manuel plays Jack Bauer who has to stop a weapons shipment from reaching the crazy dictator

Manuel Defies Mbeki on Arms

In an apparent revolt against a weakened president senior Cabinet ministers and government officials worked to prevent the Chinese arms ship from offloading its cargo, even as Thabo Mbeki insisted that the mortar bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles be allowed to reach Robert Mugabe’s military.

Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, South African Revenue Service Commissioner Pravin Gordhan, director general in the Department of Transport Mpumi Mpofu and officials of the South African Police Service were among the key players in a plan to delay the docking of the ship. They hoped to seize the six containers of weapons on the pretext of customs and shipping technicalities, the Mail & Guardian has learned.

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