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Why Apple wants to buy Twitter

This morning I heard a rumour that Apple is making a bid for the new kid on the blog, Twitter. At first I (and the rest of the peeps in the Afrigator office) couldn't figure out why Apple would want the micro blogging platform form at all, especially for a cool $700 mil. After all, the shiny guys make hardware right?

Well, over a mid afternoon coffee it hit me - iTunes.

Picture this - you register your credit card details on Twitter, which (if it is owned by Apple) is now integrated in to the iTunes store. Now all you need to do is send a DM to @itunes (or similar) with the song you want and hey presto, your card is charged and you'll get a DM right back with a download link. It's brilliant.

It gets even cooler when you consider how many people tweet what they're listening to. If you see that @stereo_type is #listening to Chad Saaiman - Moving On and you want it - click the Buy button that now sits at the end of that Tweet.

Or imagine that you could buy the music of the musicians you're following by clicking the Buy button on their Twitter profile.

I could probably go on all day, but as it stands I still have some work to do. So, do you think I figured out why Apple would want to buy Twitter?

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Well, yes and no. If anything, Twitter would integrate with iTunes, use oAuth to bridge Store & Twitter accounts.

They've categorically stated that they want to build a business, so I rate selling it out this early in the game isn't part of the plan.

~ Wogan

It will be seriously funny if they're proved wrong. They'll need a chisel to get the egg off, lol

You think Apple wants the hottest new social network, 40 million users strong, just for a different and slightly more inconvenient way to buy songs?



(didn't I just say that?)

I must be a dummy.