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The Awkward Second Edition

Dear Peoples
As you may or (more likely) may not have noticed, this week there are two emails from me in your inbox. For some of you, this is a startlingly low quantity (just ask the price complaints department at Musica) while for others, these two mails already make up your annual quota (sorta like good tackles from the Stormers).

Now, if you've read the first email (or post) ermm...first, then you already know what all this is about . If you haven't, allow me a moment to explain. This is to be a weekly newsletter, which if the Fun Guy (more commonly known as Will) is correct, is brought about by some sort of quarter life crisis. Is he right? You be the judge. (Do I look fat in these shoes?)

One thing that he is right about, is that I've been in a very reflective mood lately. That does not mean that I've been very shiny and had people stare at me to check their make-up, but rather that I've been giving lots of meaning of life type thought to things. Things I don't usually bother with, cos face it - I'm only 22.

For those who know Damien, he was involved in a car crash not too long ago. He and the Fun Guy were in the car, and both made it out okay. But it could easily have gone the other way. Very easily in fact. And that got me to thinking. Got a lot of us thing really, about our priorities. Why do we do the things that we do? Why do we think the way we do? Why do we spend time on certain things? Is it really worth it?

Answers, regrettably have not been aplenty, but I think that the positive part is

a) We're thinking
b) It's about something positive
c) It's not Porn

Sorry, the last part just slipped in (scuze the pun). Just saw Kirk Franklin on Oprah admitting that he has a problem admiring all God's creations in their natural splendour. Classic!*

Many of us are nearing the end of our university days, or have already hit the workforce and are no doubt thinking "Where am I going?" For me, the answer is sorta clearing up:
You are here. You want to be there. So what you need to do is make the best of here until it becomes there. And then find the next there to turn your new here into. Confused? Then bloody well read it again and draw a picture. But the first, and most important step, is deciding where 'there' is. Is it working for an insurance company, or taking the leap to be a vet? Is it answering phones on crappy shifts or putting up with some shit for a while to get to where you want. This only you can answer for yourself. And I for one, hope you get to the answer soon.

I hope that I'll get some responses to this from you (lazy bastards) and that you'll make use of the chat forum once I have it up and running. Oh yes, forget to tell you - I'm working on a chat forum. It should be up and running soon (in a completely non jogger sort of way).

On a lighter note, I'd like to say belated Happy 21st to Claudia (yes, the rest of you DID forget, and remind you that Grant's birthday is coming up soon (21 April). The boys are going to shoot a game or two of pool out at Stones in Parow on Thursday night, and anyone who wants to come along is more than welcome. As for the weekend, no plans yet for Friday, but Saturday's looking like a good night for a braai. What say you?

A friendly warning: Just because I say I have no plans, does not in fact make it 100% certain. There exists the very real chance that I've already made plans with Jill and have just forgotten. Again. Anyway,

Till next week,

*someone somewhere is playing "Stomp" and laughing their ass off*

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Hi there, boet.

I here you on this one and I am in the same boat my friend(not the one you smoke). I don't think that we should sit around and wait for an answer, I think we should go out and find it. It's more fun that way the question is though, where do you start looking?

I am so looking forward to playing a game with you guys but I'll be stuck in Durban, not that it's a bad thing! I'll be back Friday 21 so we can do something with 'Small Guy' (Grant). He told me he feels like having a 19th birthday all over again - with the wheel buckeling though ha ha!

Let me know what we gonna do, but you have to let me know on da fone cause I will not be online for a while.

To good Mental Health