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The Insignificant edition

The point is, that I'm (insert age here)years old, and life is moving on. I'm more mature, with some more wisdom. And now I fell like I want to leave something behind for those who are still coming along."
Look back, look left, look right, look in the mirror. Everyone you've just seen is scared shitless. Scared of what? Scared of living an entire life and not really mattering. Scared of leaving nothing behind but a home loan and a set of dentures. Scared of being insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

Whoa..slow down there buddy. Isn't this a bit heavy for a cold Tuesday morning? Yes and No.

a) I thought this up on Sunday.

b)It's not all depressing, so read on.

Now you all know what 'm talking about, we've all thought it at some point (haven't we?). That's why we go to varsity, graduate, get a job, be the shit. Did anybody recognize the quote? Only one of you should, really. It's still a fresh one as far as quotes go, and was [m]uttered by none other than Small Guy Big car on Friday night. And the man has a point.

The problem with the whole legacy thing is that we keep running into shit along the way. Bad decisions, bad debt, bad relationships, just general bad shit.(that's four time's now he's said shit in one newsletter, what would Freud say?)People keep telling me that its not about how many times you fall down, but how fast you get up. And I always want to give them a helpful nudge off a cliff when they say it. Lets' see how fast you get up then, punk. But alas, I'm starting to realize that they are actually right. After a while you stop worrying about the small things that merely bother you, and focus on issues that really concern you. MAN that was a grown up thing to say. Anyway - moving on. If you don't learn to brush the insignificant things aside, you become the insignificant things that other people bother about. Think about it. Without Goliath, David was nothing but a punk throwing rocks. So it is that your obstacles can define who you are, not because they squished you, but because you took it too 'em, and won.

I reckon that if we can find the balance between focus and obsession when it comes to life, we'll be alright. So this week I learned that I don't need a Porsche to prove that I'm worth something, or a mansion to prove I'm cool. That being said, this doesn't mean that I don't want one and won't steal yours from you. And more importantly, I figured out that just cos your names not written in lights (or cement, or whatever) doesn't make you insignificant. Your the prick that does it to yourself.

So this week, don't be a prick. Act responsibly, be crazy, pay your bills and laugh waaaay too hard at least once a day *gag - cliché*

Cheers till next time I bother you,

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So what you guys think of the blog so far?

I don't like I few comments you made(The one about just another Grant), Other than that. I feel inspired I feel ready to take on the world ... no wait you said shit to many time, I am disgusted, offended.