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Yes, you all do... If figured that by now someone would've at Least sent an email. Something. But Nooooooo. Not you buggers. OKay, okay - I'll try to calm down. *gives earlobes a quick tug* Not one of you even posted a stoopid comment by another person. Now, if no one does this, how are we supposed to save ourselves and our loved ones from saying stupid things? People - this is for your own safety, trust me.
So we'll do this, try the stoopid person search again. Even if you don't want to, or don't know how to submit a comment on the blog, email it to me and I'll submit it for you. Just include the nickname you wanna post as.
Now - those of you who've managed to take offence to this, and think I'm an overly sensitive girly boy. Damn right. So there.
Anyway, the real newsletter will be out first thing on Tuesday morning, by which time I'll have had some more sleep and won't be such a horrible person. Until then, I think I'll enjoy being a bit of a bastard for a while.

God I hate mondays....

Oh, a little P.S: If you have any pics like the one below from Damien, that you want me to load to the blog, then send 'em. You can mail them directly to me, or send an mms to this email addess if you took it with your fone.

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Here I am submitting on you damn blog.

I am have nothing interesting to say except this.

If you're here posting a comment - you rock.


Why thank you sgbc