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Anyone wanna have a chat?

If you look up just a little, you'll see the post about our brand new chat program, which by the way, rocks :)
Its a little flash app called UserPlane that allows Multiple users to log and have a chat discussion. The chat software works on the principle of individual chat rooms. When you enter, you step into the lobby, which is where everyone is hanging out. You can post a comment, which will then be visible by all.
If you and another want to strike up a bit more of a private conversation, you can do so by clicking on the New Room tab in the top right corner of the chat app. You tow (or more) can then have a private chat.
I'd like for us to use it as often as possible, but I realize that it won't be possible, so I'm thinking of arranging meeting times, at which point we can hang out and talk crap to each other.
The program requires that ur PC have Macromedia's Flash software to run.

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