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Yes, this is your newsletter. Yes, I know that its late. And Yes - Its a goodie :)Well at least I think it is. And why pray tell would I venture something so vain? Well read on and find out. Today you'll hear about my weekend, my brain fart right idea and my not so bright idea. Sounds like the opening to soapie, but don't worry - you feature in the soapie too.

Date: this morning (duh)
Time: 8:15am
Venue: My desk

First I need to get the formalities out of the way. Belated Happy birthday wishes to Jill from those of us who forgot (you know who you are you dodgy bastards) and thanks for a wikid party from those of us who were there. Also a hello and welcome back to Tara, my favourite and only Australian friend whose back from down south (Australia, not Plumstead)after a bit of a break. Last and quite possibly least of all are birthday wishes to Will-I-am, or as many of you know him, the FunGuy. The Least man celebrated his small day on the 17th. There, all done.
Now - the weekend. This weekend past actually started on Thursday night for me. The usual Thursday night game of pool with the boys place on Wednesday last week thanks to the Least man's birthday, so I decided that Thursday night was a good nigh for a movie.Alone. Alone? But Why? Frankly, its cos no-one else wanted to watch Mission Imposible with me. (which I might add is the same reason I STILL haven't seen the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (down College rd, right at the robots, just opposite the garage))
MI3 was fun, just enough of a plot to keep you there, plenty of Skop, Skiet and Donder and just a smidgen of eye candy to round off the package. All in all it was worth my 16 bucks.
Friday was a useless day all round. Groggy, moody, unproductive and tired. Plain useless, so all I did that night was fall asleep.
Saturday was Jill's big day, which involved allot of driving, and walking, and waiting and ultimately allot of fun. The decor in the hall was super 70's stylin and it was nice to see peeps dress up for the occasion. Nick Burkby, Rhodes House's resident DJ laid down a thick slab of funk to which we all got down and the after party went down at my Casa, with some hilarious antics ensuing (isn't that right Abie?) So that's the weekend.Now for my brain fart.
In addition to this blog, I also maintain the One Night Stand website ( and 3 or four others. Now I'm starting a new one called What is it? Well its a place for all of us to load our party pics, regardless of where the party took place, cos lets face it. Good parties aren't limited to Long street, so why should they be the only ones with their pics online? I'm not entirely sure of the mechanics at the moment, but I think it'll work like an online photo album, you send me the pics along with the party details and I'll create the album, add the info and then post the pics online for all the world to see. Or at least for you too see.
It's moving towards 9 o clock now, and I need to get some work done. That means you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear my latest bad idea. If any of you has any feedback, drop me a mail and let me know. Gotta run,


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