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Hi. So it’s been a while since the last 'actual' news letter and for this I blame the 24/7 rule. Huh? Well, that would be the rule that says that there are only 24 hours in any given day, 7 out of 7. No exceptions. Now as any reasonable human being knows, this is way too few hours to be any good to anyone. As a consequence I haven't been able to sit down for a long enough time period to actually get this done.
Another reason I haven't had time is my addictive personality. I get very easily sidetracked by things, especially techy things and once I'm in, it's a long way till I get back out. Lately I've been obsessed with learning how Search Engine and Email Marketing work, and as a result have read nearly every article available online. In addition to that I’ve decided to rebuild the One Night Stand web page.
For those of you who don't know, One Night Stand is the guise under which my (supposedly) monthly parties are held. The current site was built while I was juuuust getting to grips with web design and now that I've learned a bit more I'll be redoing the whole thing. This is taking a bit of time, as I’m planning on doing it ina new programming language which I’m still busy learning. That would be a programming language, not French.
The next few One Night Stand parties are also taking shape in the background with One planned soon (hopefully for my birthday next week, a slightly larger event happening in July and another, bigger (ok -huuuuuuuge) party scheduled to go down in August (hint – Craig de Sousa). All these things have conspired to keep me away from relaying the latest ramblings coursing through my brain to you.
Last week was Damien’s birthday, and to celebrate the boys went down to the Cape Town Fish Market for a night of Sushi and Saki. As it turned out, Damien was the only one who likes the Sushi, but since it was his birthday he decided that dit maki saki. The rest of us had steak.

It would seem that this week there is no hidden meaning or life lesson encapsulated within the newsletter you’ve come to know and dislike. It’s more of a catch-up than anything really. Just a hi and hello to let you know that yes, I did forget about you, but not for that long really. Eventually you did find your way back to the front of my mind, or the back of my inbox.

As I’m typing this I’m thinking that maybe I should go home, get some sleep and give this another try later tonight. As a funny, witty and informative newsletter – this edition sucks. So till later then,


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Good afternoon Mr H....

Nothing much to say except hello and how are you?
I have recieved all your mails and I find it quite stunning .I'm in Cape Town from the 19th of june.

chat soon