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The New One Night Stand Site

Well, what do you think? It's still in the conceptual phase at the moment, and this is just a screen shot of what it will look like.

If you want to check out how it'll all work, then you can pre-view the site here:

Site Template

I'm hoping to get this up and running by the 2nd week in August so that it'll be ready for the next One Night Stand.

Here's a stupid question for you:

Do you prefer the name:

One Night Stand or
1 Night Stand?

Vote by adding a comment below (just click the blue text that indicates the number of comments)

That's all for now.


Comments (9)

Template pretty awesome

Vote : 1 Night Stand

Kewl :) My thoughts exactly

One Night looks kief!

I am gonna have to go with

One Night Stand

It give of a better image.

Your Ghetto Smurf says:
1 Night Stand it looks cool plus if u want to abb. it then it's 1NS not an uncool ONS! don't u think?

The Smurf raises a valid point...any thoughts on that?

The template looks funky and i agree with the 1NS abb.

Vote: 1 Night Stand

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