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The Next One Night Stand

The Next One Night Stand

Hi Guys

Plans for the next One Night Stand are in the pipeline, and ideas have started forming in my pretty little head.
The general plan is that it will take place on Saturday 26 August. Payday weekend, Saturday Night, and very importantly -
the weather will be improving. The guests at this One will be a little different to last time. We're going back to what it was
when we started - Invitation only,

Only the people who are in it for a good time, and the love of quality House Music. No posers, no faders, no fakers.

I've tried to remember everyone, but if I have left anyone off, please send me their names rather than forwarding this mail
on to them as I'd like to keep it to about 80 people. More than that and it gets a bit tough to manage the night (or maybe day?) economically.

I'll try as far as possible to ensure that there is no cover charge, but in the event that there is one, it'll be tiny - all we want to
do is cover costs and have a good time.

If you feel like you wanna lend a hand with some thing, or thought of something that would be cool at the party (like fresh, scented
towels in the bathroom), drop me a mail and we can make it happen.

Till next time (which should be your invitation)

Keep well and party hard

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