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You are here, so close your eyes and jump

This was going to be a long post, with loads of clever comments and witty one liners, it really was. But now my body is catching on to what my brain knew was a bad idea all along: detox. Somehow i always wind up doing this to myself - i convince myself that being 'a little healthier' is a good idea and then fall ass first into some stoopid no smoking no drinking healthy eating die(t).

And my body is very pissed off.

As i passed the bakery where i usually get coffee and a donut (a.k.a. Police Academt breakfast), my brain was ranting on about how it needed the coffee to a) be able to do any work and b) actually remember how the hell to get to work in the first place. I ignored it and eventually got to hour later. Half way through the drive it starts bitching about wanting a cigarette, at which point i promptly tossed a half pack of Camels out of the driver's side window. Not long after my environmental guilt got the better of me and I turned back to pick them up, but i think the grey squishy bastard got the point - be healthy or die.

So for the next two weeks it goign to be green tea, red wine and black moods. No cigarettes, no beer and no coffee. I'm hoping that this will allow me to explore some fresh creative avenues, things like frustration. Speaking of creativity - Byron and I had a great rehearsal on Saturday (we rehearse every Saturday from 9-2, like working a shift at edgars, lol).

We were originally supposed to work on a track called 'Circles' which is a very mellow laid back affair, but i wasn't really in that space at the time so we started writing to a track called 'Just Friends' instead. It's a very sexy little number and i must admit - it's growing on me fast. You can have a listen on reverb nation here and the lyrics are posted below.

Just Friends

Chorus (so far)

My mind is saying no
My body's screaming yes
And as I'm touching you
kissing I'm thinking
We're just friends
Aren't we just friends?

If we indulge this
There could be casualties
We always knew it was there
Scratching the surfaces
And we didn't wanna think about it
Knew better than to talk about it
Here we are pressing close
Thinking fast, moving slow
First a kiss
Then a touch
Till it's almost too much
And we didn't wanna think about it
Knew better than to talk about it
Here we are pressing close
Thinking fast, moving slow
And then I started thinking

[repeat chorus]

With any luck I'll be writing the second verse in the course of the week and we can start recording soon. I have a good feeling about this one - but then I am the writer, so i might be a little biased.

Gig with Chad at Inside
Last night's gig at Inside took an interesting turn. Chad had mentioned that he might call me up on stage to maybe do something if the vibe was right, so i figured - what the hell, i haven't done it in a few years, might as well start again. when I got to the bar there was only mic available (Chad's) so we decided not to do anything anymore. Half way through the song, Chad just randomly calls me up on stage, which was a little unexpected to say the least! I still don't know what the hell I said up there - my main priority was just to keep my mouth moving. I think that Jody got it on camera, so I'm quite curious to see it. If i don't suck completely, then I'm thinking that I'll give amateur night at Zula a bash next month. We'll see.

Crap - my stoopid brain is on about the stoopid coffee and frigging cigarattes again. Maybe I should get something to eat - yes, I think I'll do that.

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