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Cure for the virus

So might seem a little bit delayed (by a decade or so) but I'm gonna post it anyway.

In this day and age some people still don't have anti virus software installed on their machines. There seems to be a general air of apathy and a culture of 'it'll never happen to me' among the youth of south africa. The virus is a very serious threat to digital life as we know it.

The youth of today go around sticking their unprotected flashdrives into every dirty usb orifice they come across, with casual unprotected copying taking place every day...things really are as bad as they sound.

Many of you out there are using some form of protection, like McCrappee Anti Virus which probably came bundled with your new computer when you bought it 9 years ago and is probably terribly outdated by now. The rest are just too cheap to shell out for anti virus (not that I blame you.)

Luckily, AVG brings you the binary equivalent of a hot shower and some Manto vegetabes for your smutty, promiscuous flash disk- avg free. As the name so cryptically suggests, this product is free which means that coloured folk and ANC members everywhere will be on it like a heat rash in no time.

You can download AVG from the grisoft website:

I'm too tired and coffee deprived to think of any other clever remarks to make, so for now I'm just going to say that you should download the damn thing and protect your little stick and your big mac.

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