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How the hell did he do this? Time lapse Graffiti

I feel really guilty about this: I found this on a blog, but I can't remember where, so I can't drop a link back. Anyway, this is a vid by a guy named Blu, and it's kinda eery, eccentric and quite brilliant. Left me with a big fat "htf did he do that look?" on my face - well worth the bandwidth.

I'm going to check for more by the same guy.

Update: You can see an example of how Blu does his murals here

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How did he do this? Are you being serious!? I presume you mean "How did he find the TIME to do this"

Lol, yeah I guess that's what I mean. It's a combination of where did he find the time, how did he visualize that and how did the cops not stop him while he was busy putting it all together.