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Nomadic Marketing Video from

Last month I attended the Nomadic Marketing course at the UCT Graduate School fo business hosted by Dave Duarte. It was an insightful, informative and generally eye-opening course which focussed on social media and the way that consumers are interacting with the new media available in today's online space.

On day 3 of the lectures (or maybe it was day 2?), the crew from popped in to record some of the lectures, which they've put together in this vid.

The next Nomadic course will be hosted in September and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to dip their toe into the new media/web 2.0/ social networking pond.


oddly enough, my mug is on the video thumbnail, but not in the actual vid. Weird.

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Hi Lester!

The video thumbnail comes directly from the three or four seconds in the middle of the video - check 1:43-1:46 :)


How in the bleeding hell did i miss that?'s been one long day. sorry for being a dumbass Jason, lol

Hey Lester,
Was super having you on the programme. You really contributed to the knowledge in the room.