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BMW InfraRed NightVision

Since I have a mild case of OCD, after posted some pics of the new BMW M8 concept car I went a little BMW crazy, and scoured the net for anything cool that Bavarian powerhouse was up to. On my travels, I found this video clip on BMW's Night Vision, which uses InfraRad to give the driver that little bit extra when driving in the dark. The IR feed is supplied by a thermal imaging camera installed behind impact-resistant glass and a fine grid in the left front bumper.

This image is relayed to a screen mounted in the dash where the driver can view the thermal images in real time. As you can see on the video below, this IR video lights up things that the driver would not have been able to see otherwise, namely people and animals milling about in the dark.

The thermal image covers a range of about 300m, so you can get a pretty good look at what's going on around you and won't be confused by the headlights of oncoming cars since it uses heat rather than light to construct the image the driver sees.

I know that this is a little old now (i think that this goes back to about 2005), but since I've spent limited time in a up to date BMW 7 series (read: I've never even been close to one) I didn't know that the krafty Germans had gotten this 007 in their approach to driving.

Anyway, here's the video

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