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Things to do while sick and stuck in bed

  1. Get the DVD rental place to deliver. This critical task can be achieved by convincing the guy at the counter that your flu is terminal.
  2. Watch all three Godfather films. Send your friends text messages calling them all paesan. Insist on being referred to as 'The Don' in all replies.
  3. Order enough chinese take out to feed a small triad. Convince yourself that it's because of the free green tea that you get with your order. You do have a cold to nurse after all.
  4. Read all 1000+ items in your Google Reader list. Using your phone.
  5. Finally figure out what the hell Google Gears does. Make a mental note to install it as soon as you have the strength (and courage) to walk to your computer.
  6. Watch all three Lord of the Rings films. Alternatively refer to your friends as hobits, dwarves, orcs, ents or elves depending on their facial hair or the inclination of their ears.
  7. Call the old guy at the chinese place Gandalf every time you phone for an order. Convince him that this is an adaptation of Grandfather and that it is a term of respect.
  8. Pre-stack 10 cups of coffee, cling wrapped and ready to go - just waiting for milk and water. Carefully measure out milk portions and store in the fridge. Proceed to make coffee in record breaking time.
  9. Start drinking black coffee to cut out the milk storage step and in this way further minimize the time spent out of bed. You now make coffee like the Ferrari pit crew changes tyres.
  10. Email YouTube a 20 point list stating why they should reconfigure YouTube mobile to work on your phone. Be sure to mention that if it worked, you could post videos of your amazing coffee making skills.
  11. Finally subscribe to Peas on Toast. Make a note to read it before your Google Reader hits 1000+ items again.
  12. Get around to calling MTN customer line (I'd feel too dirty calling them customer support or customer service). Take a nap while waiting for someone to answer.
  13. Convince DVD rental/delivery guy to stop at 7 11 and get you some cuppa soup on the way. If he objects, remind him that your flu is terminal, and that this soup might be your last meal. Be sure to sound grave.
  14. Spend hours emailing webmasters pointing out all the spelling mistakes you found on their site while browsing it on Google Reader. Make some up along the way, just to see if they'll reply. Email Italian websites telling them that they have some English spelling mistakes on their site. Explain to them that you're paesan, so they should take your word, or else.
  15. Make stoopid lists like this on your phone

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that didn't help me.. at all..

yeah same here kinda stufff that you gotta get up and do like when the poeple coome to your door you havee too gett upp nd gett itt andd youu havee too gett upp to gett thee cofeee cupss