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2008/2009 E90 BMW 3 Series pictures released

BMW E90 3 Series brochure imageAfter seeing a post about the new BMW 3 series on CarBlog last week I went snooping about to see if I could find anything else on the new bimmer's release. The boys over at CarBlog managed to get hold of this scanned pic from the new BMW E90 3 Series brochure: After a bit of digging I've found some actual photos of the new 2008 (or is that 2009) BMW 3 Series facelift. The new 3-series seems to be more of an evolution than a revolution, with many of the same lines from the last model still remaining.

As I didn't really car for the last iteration of the 3 Series, this one continues to 'not do it for me.' The design as a whole seems rigid and a little staid, and very noticeably, it looks as though someone has taken a hot iron to the car's bonnet. Maybe the magic of the design is lost on my uneducated eyes, or maybe it's just crap. What do you think?

BMW E90 3 Series Images after the jump

BMW E90 Series front picture

BMW E90 Series side profile picture

BMW E90 Series rear picture

BMW E90 Series interior picture

BMW E90 Series driving pictureBMW E90 Series iDrive pictureBMW E90 Series headlight picture

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