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Facebook adds comments to status updates for SA users

When I logged in to Facebook about an hour ago, I noticed that there was a now a 'comment' field next to the items in my mini feed. I'd read that Facebook was mimicking Friendster by allowing user to comment in the minifeed, but after reading the announcement last month, I had not however seen any evidence of the new feature on my page until today. I suspect that the roll out was done in a regional fashion as other users on the net have noticed the commenting appearing at different times.

I've played around with the comments on a few of my friends' feeds, and I think it's pretty safe to say that things are going to get messy in your mini feed...

For now it looks like the comments are limited to the Mini Feed and are not included in the News Feed, but I suspect that it's only a matter of time before this happens as this is where it makes the most sense (to me at least).

What do you think?

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