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Micro this macro that

Ok, so I've finally gotten addicted to microblogging. I think that I tipped at some point about two weeks ago, and since then I've been doing my best to give the twitter server a run for it's money, posting from my desktop, the break room and my mobile in fits and starts.

One of the problems that this has caused, is that I no longer get here - to my macro blog (is that een a term?) . As with any new social experience, the initial is often the most fun. I'm meeting new people, making new contacts and finding out new things. Hell, I've even started doing business with some of my twitter contacts.

And true to the spirit of all things micro, that's where this post ends for now. It's meant to be an apology for not posting for the last two weeks, but I think my over tired brain failed to translate that sentiment and it just sounds like an unfinished post.

Will blog more later, promise promise ;)

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