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Does using Slideshare mean you lose out on SEO?

While I was putting together a presentation that I had done and was wondering what the difference would be if I uploaded the presentation to or published it as a PDF.

After a bit of digging, it looks like the reader benefits of using slideshare in terms of ease of understanding and ability to process the information quickly does means that you as the content publisher will lose out on some potential SEO benefits that using a PDF offers you.

While Slideshare does offer certain SEO benefits, PDF outweighs it, so i guess that a test is in order. I've put together pretty much the same document in PDF format and will also be loading it to slideshare. Then I'll wait and see what happens :)

You can read the PDF doc here

Tips for Optimizing With Slideshare
  • Use your keyword in the title: The title of your slideshow will become the title tag of the page. Since there is not much room for text on the page, optimizing the title is of critical importance.
  • Use keywords in the summary: You are allotted small amount of room to write a summary – write a pithy, informative summary that is optimized for visitors and search engines.
  • Use tags: I’m not sure how much of a role tags play in SEO, but they will certainly help other Slideshare users find your content when searching for slideshows on various topics.
(Social SEO)

P.S - If there are any erros contained in the pdf or the presentation, drop me a comment and I'll ammend it. I'll drop a link for your trouble ;)

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