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I'm moving jobs, moving house and moving along

Life is a funny thing. Just when you think that you're sorta getting used to it, it flips the fast forward switch and you're hurtled headlong into tomorrow and before you know, it's all a memory again. You never know what's going to happen or when, which further confirms my suspicion that life is a women.

6 moths ago was a pretty quiet time in the world of me. Work, hang out, chill out. Occassionally play a set or produce a tune. Easy, but not the most thrilling existence to adopt. Since then I've been adopted by my new girlfriend (bless her saintly soul), changed jobs twice, started 2 businesses, become a partner in one and now, I'm moving house. Oh, and I semi-sorta became a Cape Town geek.

The latest change in Lester-land is my move from ForwardSlash to Stii and Justin approached me a few weeks back and asked if the project was something that I would be interested in working on, and I did my very best not to jump up and down and stiffled my 'hell yeah' woots. So, now I've handed in my notice at FS (which I did do with a bit of sadness - it's been my life university for the past 4 years) I have signed my letter of appointment as a product manager at Afrigator.

The big news for the Afrigator team is the Acquisition by MIH Print Africa, which is all over the internet, like here and here and here. For those not in the know (which included me until about 2 weeks ago), MIH are the guys who started Mnet way back when and have interests in a number of local outfits like Mweb and Media 24. Needless to say they're a big deal, and it's cool to be going to work with them.

I'm pretty sure life has plenty more to throw at me, especially in the next few months, and for that I'm thankful, cos dammit there's nothing worse than being bored.

Happy Friday,


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I'm so glad they managed to find someone!

Not as glad as I am! Lol, I can't wait to start work - the itch is driving me crazy! Only a few more days tho :)

Not long to go dude. Looking forward to our first day together. Now we must just convince you to move to WordPress and we're sorted ;)