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Update - More 2008 Cape Town Storm Pictures

After spending the last two hours trying to clear out my inbox, I found these pictures of the Cape Town Storm which were sent to me by a friend. I don't know who the photographer is, but whoever took this did a sterling job.

Word on the tweet is that this is the worst storm Cape Town has seen in the past 7 years, but I can't really remember. Anyone have any pics of the record Cape Town storm of 2001?


P.S - If you know who the photographer is, please drop me a comment below so that I can send some link love to their site/blog

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more pics on flickr

Comments (2)

My word, those are awesome and terrifying shots. It's days like this that I'm glad I didn't buy that R30 million bungalow on Clifton 4th beach... you know, when I had the chance. :P

Lol, yup - I was glad thinking the same thing. Imagine how pissed off the gardener is going to be...