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Cape Town wind storm blows over truck in traffic

I saw this on my way to get coffee this morning - a truck was literally blown over by the wind in the Cape Town CBD in this morning's wind storm. I was almost swept off my feet by the wind a couple of times while trying to take these!

The wind got so bad that Firemen were helping people to cross the road.

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so that explains the traffic yesterday morning...hmm... sometimes it helps turning on a radio hey?

yup, it did cause quite nasty looking blockage for as far as I could see.

Did you see the photo in the paper of the wall that fell down in Obs? SCARY! The car that it fell on was OBLITERATED. Thank God no-one was in it at the time.

Yeah, I saw it in the paper yesterday and it really creeped me out. That's the bay that I usually park in when I go to Obs...really freaked me out.

If there has been anyone in that car, things would not have been pretty