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Bus burns in Cape Town City Centre

A Translux bus has just been consumed in flames on the corner of Hertzog Blvd and Adderley Street in the the Cape Town City centre. Following a loud explosion, the bus came to a halt and the driver came to investigate the sound which seems to have come from the left rear side of the bus close to the engine bay.

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Roughly two minutes after the sound was fist heard flames erupted at the base of the bus, causing a tyre to burst. It was at this point that passengers scattered acorss the intersection and police arrived on the scene.

The fire, which completely engulfed the bus kicked up a cloud of black smoke which swept across the Cape Town skyline.

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You really are the best blog of your kind. I actually recommend you whenever it comes up. For today, thanks for being so much better than all the news programmes in cape town for on the dot news.

Thanks for the kind words Jacoba, it really means a lot to know that someone is actually reading this my random thoughts.

I'll keep the posts coming ;)

Thanks! I was wondering what that smoke was.

I heard this huge BANG while walking to get lunch, 5 minutes later I was engulfed in the smoke. I smelt like braai'ed bus for the rest of the day. But thanks for the up-to-date news!

@Kat - I've never braai'd a bus before, but it did smell pretty nasty round our offices too.