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Cable questions

My friends think I'm odd. Weird things like fonts and cable connections make me smile. I spend hours reading about mic placement and CSS float rules. And I don't like socks. all of these together make me a geek, I guess. Which is why I'm annoyed today.

I'm trying to find the answer to a sound geek question, and I can't get to an answer. The question in question is whether or not using an XLR to 1/4 Jack will deliver a lower quality signal hen compared to an XLR to XLR mic cable.

The reason this particular question has captured my attention span is because I'm thinking of getting a new mixing desk for the StereoType Records live performances. The desk has 8 x 1/4 line ins with mic preamps. I'd like to mic our drum set using the line jacks and save the XLR inputs for the lead and backing vocals, but I' worried that this might not be as good as sending the drum signal straight to XLR.

If XLR is better, it means finding a different and more expensive desk which can take all the mic ins that we need. Bleh.

If you know the answer let me know.

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