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iPhone or Blackberry?

So I've been back and forth on the whole iPhone or Blackberry thing. And truth be told, I still don't know which side of the line I'm on. On the one hand, an iPhone would help the Mac situation (Symbian to Mac relations are not going so well). On the other hand, the BlackBerry is just kinda, well, cool (in a pimped out Exel spreadsheet kinda way).

Any way, Blackberry is laying down the gauntlet for Apple, and I must admit, I like it.

Here's Blackberry's retort. Not as cool as the Apple ad, but pretty cool none the less (how the hell do you spell that? Is it hyphenated or one word?).

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Had similar thoughts about the ads - almost the same post really.

Whoah,very similar post.

Nice blog dude, read through a couple of your posts - very cool.

Thanks for stopping by!