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Thinking about Genres

A music genre is a categorical and typological construct that identifies musical sounds as belonging to a particular category and type of music - Wikipedia

A while back, I set out to try and classify all the music I have in my library. Mostly, this was in order to try and figure out what it is that I actually listen to. But I also wanted to see if I could actually spot the difference in all of these genres.

Sadly, I must report that I got caught up in the splinter genres before too long and was classifying things as chill/rnb/soul/ (Lewsi Taylor - Bittersweet - Awesome Track).

More and more it feels like it's all mashing its way to just becoming Music. Genre divides will become smaller and smaller until eventually they disappear. These days, I use artists or bands as Genre Markers. It's the same principle that Pandora and LastFM work on. If I like a band, I'll probably enjoy music from other bands who sound like them, or like the song I like.

I've found that this way of finding music is a lot more accurate than trying to buy within a genre.

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