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BMW 7 Series publicity in Moscow

Is it 2008 or 2009?

I'm not sure.
As i said previously, there's a new version of the BMW 7 Series out. Now, is this a 2008 model (since it was announced in 2008) or a 2009 model, since it will be available here in 2009? I'm confused.

Anyway, BMW unveiled their new limo in Moscow yesterday by using a 12 metre high hourglass. Yes, you read that correctly - a massive hourglass. The 7 Series BMW was placed in the top of the hour glass and then covered in thousands of little balls. As the balls moved through the neck of the hourglass, so the car was slowly revealed. A little cheesy, but very cool. Incidentally, the hourglass is the largest in the world, so if that old grandfather clock of yours is acting up, well - here's your answer.

Some pics and a vid from the event after the jump, including an interview with Chris Bangle, header designer at BMW and the creative eye behind the BMW GINA concept car.

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