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One for the money, two for the smoke.

As I wrote in my earlier post, I'll be giving up cigarettes on 1 October, along with a whole bunch of my friends. The big day has been quite a hot topic, with emotions ranging from excited to start fresh to frantically worrying about a relapse within the first 20 minutes.

After listening to everyone's viewpoints (and reading Joe's post) I'm proposing that we embark on this venture using a buddy system. Everyone chooses a person close to them to help them stay clean. And here's the (proposed) catch - if you break your clean streak, you need to pay a R100 penalty to your buddy. This might not be as radical as Joe's R5k penalty, but still - R100 per smoke is a pretty hefty penalty(that means a pack will cost you R2000, which is what they'll cost at 7/11 in about a year anyway).

So, if you're in the quitters club, spend some time thinking about who you would like to be your buddy. It should be someone you can trust to keep you focussed when the tempation starts tugging at your lighter. It should also be someone you don't want shelling our R100 to if you DO slip up.
Today I took a trip to Dischem to check out different options for over the counter remedies to help us quit, and I'll post my little list up here tomorrow some time.

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And so the big day is arriving and it would be tomorrow good luck and I hope that you do it!!!!!!