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Taxi protests in Cape Town city centre

Hundreds of taxis flooded in to the city centre at roughly 10am this morning to protest against the "Bus Rapid Transit" system planned ahead of 2010. The BRT system is designed to be a low cost, high speed transport system to be rolled out in all cities playing host to 2010 world cup matches.

While I haven't got the full story yet, I suspect the taxi drivers are petitioning the system due to the loss of income they will experience should the system be a success.

As usual, our office balcony served as a prime vantage point from which to view the protest. With taxi horns blaring and police sirens howling all morning, the city centre was plunged in to auditory chaos for the duration of the taxi drivers' circuit through the city.

(picture courtesy of Justin Hartman)

For more images, check here

The taxi protest adds to Cape Town's recent spate of newsworthy spectacles and comes not long after a bus burned to the ground and a truck was blown over by gale force winds at a traffic intersection.

With all this excitement literally happening on our doorstep, I'm really not loking forward to movving back to Century City...

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